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Cara Flash Samsung s1 gt-i9000 1000% berhasil buat yg susah flash dari sumber lain



  1. Extract firmware yang sudah di download di atas
  2. Buka Odin3 v1.0.exe
  3. Matikan smartphone dan masuk ke download mode. Caranya tekan tombol (Home+Power+Volume_Down) secara bersamaan.
  4. Sambungkan smartphone dengan PC dan tunggu sampai Odin mendeteksi smartphone
  5. Pilih tombol Seperti gambar di bawah :

  6. Jika sudah sesuai seperti gambar di atas ini klik START
  7. Tunggu sampai ada di kolom kotak bagian kiri bertulisan “PASS


Highway Bata Beautiful DesaSumberwringin
Sumberwringin - BONDOWOSO PostalCode 68 286

STATEMENT OF ACTIVE AND TEACHING 24 HOURSNUMBER: 800 / / 430.10.131.008 / 2016
The undersigned below :
Name: Kustiyah S.PdNUPTK: 51347436473.00003Position: HeadWork Unit: Tk PGRI 1 SumbrgadingAddress: Desasukosari lor Rt 04 Rw 01 kec.sukosari
Hereby declare that the right - right ON IMPLEMENTING THE PROJECT as a Master Class / Subject Teacher / Teacher Counseling *) MASTER CLASS B2 of the units kerjaTk PGRI 01 Sumbrgding for 24 hours / week according CERTIFICATE EDUCATORS with Total Troupe Study 1 GROUP and Number of Students of teaching / dibimbing16siswa.
Similarly, the Statement was made by sesungguhnyadan truthfully untukdapat used appropriately. Apabiladikemudian day this statement is not true, I am willing to be given appropriate sanctions law - law applicable.
Knowing:                                                                                         Bondowoso, 15 February 2016
Supervisory TK Yang DeclareSumberwringin.                                                                                Headmaster

MULYADI S.Pd., M.Pd                                                                    KUSTIYAH S.PdRank. Patrons IV / A                                                                         Nip.NIP: 19651010 198503 1007


Contoh surat pernyataan aktif dan mengajar 24 jam

                                                PEMERINTAH KABUPATEN BONDOWOSO
    Jalan Raya Bata Indah DesaSumberwringin
         SUMBERWRINGIN – BONDOWOSO     KodePos 68286

NOMOR : 800 /     / 430.10.131.008 / 2016

Yang bertandatangan di bawahini :

Nama    : Kustiyah S.Pd
NUPTK    : 51347436473.00003
Jabatan    : Kepala
Unit Kerja    : Tk PGRI 1 Sumbrgading
Alamat    : Desasukosari lor Rt 04 Rw 01 kec.sukosari

Dengan ini menyatakan  bahwa benar – benar AKTIF MELAKSANAKAN TUGAS sebagai Guru Kelas / Guru Mata Pelajaran / Guru Bimbingan Konseling *) GURU KELAS B2 pada satuan kerjaTk PGRI 01 Sumbrgding selama 24 jam/minggu sesuai SERTIFIKAT PENDIDIK dengan Jumlah Rombongan Belajar 1 ROMBONGAN dan Jumlah Siswa yang diampu/dibimbing16siswa.

    Demikian Surat Pernyataan ini dibuat dengan sesungguhnyadan sebenar-benarnya untukdapat digunakan sebagaimana mestinya. Apabiladikemudian hari pernyataan ini tidak benar, saya bersedia diberikan sanksi sesuai perundang - undangan yang berlaku.
Mengetahui :                                                                    Bondowoso, 15 Pebruari 2016
Pengawas TK                                                                    Yang Menyatakan
Sumberwringin.                                                                 Kepala Sekolah

MULYADI S.Pd.,M.Pd                                                   KUSTIYAH S.Pd
Pangkat. Pembina IV/A                                                  Nip.                                                     
NIP:19651010 198503 1 007               


Advantages And Disadvantages on Android

Advantages And Disadvantages on Android

Android - is a product of smart phones that require users also have to be smart and it would be great if it's always connected to the internet at any time. Without an adequate internet connection, Android does not have an advantage compared to other smart phones. Android phones supposing a computer, the computer uses it will be fantastic if the user can choose and install useful applications.The Android operating system that uses a modified version of the Linux kernel was originally developed Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google, and lately by the Open Handset Alliance.

1. Features and Advantages of Android - Android phone has a number of advantages and this makes them hunt Android. There are a number of advantages of Google Android will you get as well as open source software. Some of the advantages include:

The ability for anyone to customize the Google Android platform will open the opportunity to create applications for small and new players who do not have the financial strength to interact with wireless carriers such as AT & T and Orange.
Consumers will benefit from having a wide range of mobile applications as another option since the mobile phone monopoly to be solved by Google Android.
Although this will depend on the carrier, one can customize your phone using Google's Android platform like never before, even down to the screen.
Features such as details of the weather, open the screen, RSS feeds and even an icon on the opening screen will be adjusted.
In addition, as a result of many phones that carry Android, the company will come up with innovative products such as location based services will provide users with the information they might need.
This information can include knowing the location of a nearby store or gas station. Besides entertainment functions will be higher with Android to offer games online multi-player real time.
Can access facebook With fast loading
Daru secure berbasus virus for Linux (kernel 2.6).
no need to pay to download the application.
The advantages are many Android mobile phone makes it very desirable. The ability to store the phone number of applications is one of the features that distinguish it from other phones on the market. Overall, the Android phone is suitable for handling day-to-day activities.

2. Lack of Android include:

Less comfortable for the phone.
Still confusing when first used.
No Microsoft office.
Must be connected to the Internet.
Not many applications available.
Only the sob that I know about android For further unformasi Click hereor please visit the official website at http://android-indonesia.com android.

Profile and History Club Paris Saint-Germain

Profile and History Club Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, is a French professional football clubs are largely controlled by conglomerate United Arab Emirates, Nasser Al Khelaifi. Here is the profile and history of club PSG.
Profile and History Club Paris Saint-Germain | 12pas.net
France in the last three seasons are dominated by one club alone, they are Paris Saint-Germain. Since being acquired by Nasser Al Khelaifi, Capital Club is managed to bring a number of star players from various quarters, ranging from Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani, Thiago Silva, and many more. Now, the dominance PSG still continues, but most likely they will give priority to Europe as a target champion.
Full Name Club: Paris Saint-Germain Football ClubNickname Club: Les ParisiensFounded On: August 12, 1970The place was established: Paris, FranceOfficial Stadium: Parc Des PrincesStadium Capacity: 48 712President Now: Nasser Al KhelaifiNow Coach: Laurent BlancLeague: French Ligue 1
Actually, Paris Saint-Germain is a combination of the two clubs the French capital, they are Paris FC and Saint-Germain En Laye, in 1970, the two clubs then choose to join as a brand-new, Paris saint-Germain that we know today.
Adaun, the golden age of Paris Saint-Germain could be said to begin from three seasons ago, when the club was taken over by a conglomerate rich in flavor, Nasser Al Khelaifi. Previously, they were only mediocre team, and only collected two Ligue 1 titles were respectively achieved in 1986 and 1994.
In the European arena, so far PSG has not won a major trophy like the Champions League of Europe, that's why they are trying to explore, dominate the Champions League capitalize a star-studded squad that exorbitant price.

Asal Mula Paris Saint Germain

Profil dan Sejarah Klub Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club, merupakan klub sepakbola professional asal Prancis yang sebagian besar sahamnya dikuasai oleh konglomerat asal Uni Emirate Arab, Nasser Al Khelaifi. Berikut adalah Profil dan Sejarah Klub PSG.
Profil dan Sejarah Klub Paris Saint-Germain | 12pas.net
Prancis dalam tiga musim terakhir ini didominasi oleh satu klub saja, mereka adalah Paris Saint-Germain. Sejak diakuisisi oleh Nasser Al Khelaifi, Klub Ibu Kota memang berhasil mendatangkan sejumlah pemain bintang dari berbagai penjuru, mulai dari Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani, Thiago Silva, dan masih banyak lagi. Sekarang, dominasi PSG Masih berlanjut, tapi kemungkinan besar mereka akan mengutamakan Eropa sebagai target juara.
Nama Lengkap Klub : Paris Saint-Germain Football Club
Nama Julukan Klub : Les Parisiens
Didirikan Pada : 12 Agustus 1970
Tempat di dirikan : Paris, Perancis
Stadion Resmi : Parc Des Princes
Kapasitas Stadion : 48.712
Presiden Sekarang : Nasser Al Khelaifi
Pelatih Sekarang : Laurent Blanc
Liga : Ligue 1 Prancis
Sebenarnya, Paris Saint-Germain adalah gabungan dari dua klub Ibu Kota Prancis, mereka adalah Paris FC dan Saint-Germain En Laye, pada 1970, kedua klub kemudian memilih untuk bergabung dengan sebutan anyar, Paris saint-Germain yang kita kenal sampai saat ini.
Adaun, masa keemasan Paris Saint-Germain bisa dikatakan dimulai sejak tiga musim lalu, ketika klub diambil alih oleh konglomerat kaya rasa, Nasser Al Khelaifi. Sebelumnya, mereka hanya tim medioker, dan hanya mengoleksi dua gelar juara Ligue 1 Prancis yang masing-masing diraih pada tahun 1986 dan tahun 1994.
Di Kancah Eropa, sejauh ini PSG masih belum meraih trofi major seperti Liga Champions Eropa, itulah alasan kenapa mereka berusaha untuk merambah, merajai Liga Champions bermodalkan skuat bertabur bintang yang harganya selangit.

Writing Tricks And Chat Status Update On Facebook With Symbol

Hallo all bloggers, this time I will post that Trick Trick Posts Update Status And Chat On Facebook With Symbols, want to know what I mean ,, if not understood the following examples:
1. ╔╦╗──╔╗──╔╗───╔══╦╗───╔╗──╔═╗╔╦╗──╔╦╗───────────╔╗

2. ╔══╗─────────────────╔═╦═╗────╔╗

3 CнєaтєяzоЬaт.вlоg $ pот.cом

Maybe that's it for example, my friend can instantly create their own, tau gk where his place?if we want to know really easy to bow your head first, Doain Palestinians to continue the conflict with Israel cepet finished and peace, Amen ...And now I love to know how,Klik Here >>>HereCongratulations to create sob and thanks to his prayer ... heheheA few tips from me, pal might want to add or share some tricks facebook buddy..


What Is spam?

Hy buddy .... ^ _ ^This time I post what is Spam?"" "_" "" At first I did not know what it was spam. Then I wondered at my friends what it was Spam but my friends did not tell what it was Spam. In fact, my friends mocked me "because I do not know that spam" She said ": fool you * _ * Although I repeatedly asked my friend remained memeritahukanya. ^ _ ^. After I muter - muter in cyberspace I finally found what is Spam.!And this was the means to spam it .. ^ _ ^

definition of SPAMSPAM or commonly referred to as junk mail, is unsolicited emails by users of computer facilities in the form of electronic mail (email), Instant Messaging, Usenet, newsgroups, blogs, etc. SPAM is unwanted by the computer user as SPAM typically contain advertisements from companies that cause inconvenience for the users of the web. Typically, SPAM will be perceived as annoying as the number of emails or otherwise sent in large numbers / great.
The adverse effects of the SPAM, among others:

Wastage of time, to remove the news that we do not want
Hard drive becomes full, full hard drive results in mail server can not receive another email.
Spent Toll Cell / Bandwidth, with terkirimnya unwanted emails in large numbers, will spend the bandwidth (that use Dial Up ISP) and disrupt other services that are more important
Viruses and Trojans, possibility of viruses or Trojans that infiltrate inside SPAM
How it Works SPAMThe spreaders SPAM mail server typically also use other people, as well as e-mail addresses are not indicate the identity of the owner in terms of e-mail addresses that indeed there but the sender is not taken. Sending e-mail using the e-mail address as above, it is possible for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) used in the exchange of e-mails never verify the e-mail address with its IP address. That is, people are free to send an e-mail from anywhere (from any IP address) by using the e-mail address to anyone.countermeasures SPAMBasically, we can not remove SPAM, but there are some ways to cope with the influx of SPAM. Until now, no single way to eliminate SPAM, which there is reduce SPAM. How are widely used today is to automate the process of sorting between e-mail SPAM and non-SPAM by applying filter technology.As for the other things that can help reduce SPAM is:

If possible, use e-mail (other than e-mail for business) as corresponds to things outside the business, such as mailing list. Many spreaders SPAM using addresses from a mailing list to launch the action.
Enable anti-virus and personal firewall on the PC. Most SPAM at this point that contains a virus or Trojan that can disrupt the system on PCs and networks. Usually, the Trojan program was used to spread SPAM e-mail to another address listed in the address book.
Anti-relay Enable or disable relay system on the e-mail server. The way to ensure that the e-mail server we are not to be subjected to a transit e-mail SPAM. To find out if we accept relay mail server can be checked through www.abuse.net/relay
Use features in the e-mail program that can classify e-mail. E-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail can group such as grouping e-mails from the internal, from the partners and so on. With this grouping, although not reduce SPAM at all, we can do a priority in reading e-mails, and e-mails that are important are not mixed up with SPAM e-mail.

Source: http://tjoep18.wordpress.com/2008/02/25/apa-itu-spam/


How to Solve the Problem of External HDD / Not Detected

The knowledge-seekers all this time I will be sharing knowledge about Overcoming HDD External Not Detected / Troubled after a long time did not update this post I make time to update the post because HDD external I've just broken so this article may also help create buddy Citing science to solve problems hardsik external, external hard drive error how to cope, how to resolve the problem of external hard drive, how to fix the external hard drive partition that is not detected it, fix an external hard drive missing files are not detected, how to fix the error file an external hard drive. Easy! curious?
Well, how do I fix the external hard drive in order to fix ????FIRST STEP:1. open CMD you, how to press "Windows + R", then type CMD2. after appears its CMD, the CMD type:

chkdsk / r / f g:

Change g above in accordance with an external hard drive partition is problematic.3. after that wait, usually longer, depending on the capacity and contents of an external hard drive before. Usually wait 2-5 hours.And ensure good luck, hope berhasil.behahahaAnd IF NOT SUCCEED, and its partition into the RAW format instead, it must use the software "Power Data Recovery". HOW TO APPLY IF THE FIRST NOT SUCCEED.HOW TO SECOND:1. install power data recovery / portable2. then select advance recovery3. select the hard drive is problematic4. then select the full scan5. after completion scannya, then prompts the save6. nah, please save pengin saved data to the empty space (it is up to km backups where).7. upon completion to back up, now you format the hard drive that troubled her.8. New file2 you to enter you have saved to your external hard drive that has the fix.Similarly, how to fix a broken external hard drive and not be detected. GOOD LUCK.


5 Ways To Whiten Yellow Teeth || As a result of Cigarettes

How to whiten teeth is actually not necessary if you are diligent in cleaning regularly every morning and evening. Brushing the teeth with the correct technique will maintain the cleanliness and health of the mouth and gums. In effect, fresher breath and cleaner teeth look whiter.


. Wearing siwak
    siwak for teeth
Siwak or miswak are branches or roots of trees that can be used for cleaning teeth, gums and mouth. This method has been carried out the Muslims since antiquity to maintain hygiene and tooth strength. All the branches or roots of trees can be used to bersiwak if eligible, namely soft.


The use of charcoal
charcoal to brush your teeth
Tips next whiten teeth is to use wood charcoal. How is quite traditional but powerful eliminates the yellow color. You should be careful in using wood charcoal, excessive use can damage tooth enamel and cause pain in the teeth.

Using orange peel
Orange peel
Use the inside of an orange peel white to brush your teeth yellow. Do it regularly every day and the teeth will be white naturally and quickly. Be careful for those of you who have sensitive teeth, vitamin C contained therein are not suitable for your teeth.

Consumption of fruit and vegetables
putihkan fruit gear
Consuming fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apples, carrots, and celery are also useful as a natural ingredient of tooth whitening. You do not need to make a special potion, staying consumed as usual.

Traditional Toothpaste
making traditional toothpaste
Provide bay leaf and orange peel then dried both to dry. Mash until smooth then add water and stir to form a paste. Use natural toothpaste that you have created for brushing teeth, this potent herb to make teeth look whiter.

How to whiten teeth naturally you can do using a traditional way at the top. You should consider, dental and mouth on a regular basis is essential to make the teeth look white and fresher breath.
Source: http://www.akusehatku.com

How Mobile Flashing CHINA With USB CABLE (Unboxed Flasher, without solder Rx Tx)

Few Tips & Tricks for The carpenters Oprek Hp yg blum has Box flasher (tool to repair damaged software) hp china., Or user hp china who want coba2 fix itself hanphonenya 'who knows the talented and bs fix it yourself' lumanyan Klo in seriusin bs for a side job. That will be in Di discuss this time is Ngeflash 'technicians hp term' hand phone china with Dku5 (kabeldata Nokia) and Spiderman c *** k.

Tools fighter who prepared are:- Surely Computer / laptop.- DKU 5 (Nokia data cable)- Software Repair Sipiderman.- Solder Dkk.
To yg blum has spiderman C *** KCan be downloaded here.
Here is an example alat2 combat.Example DKU 5

see Spidermanlangkah2nya:
- Cable plug dku5 install the driver Klau blumpunya here.
Cut kbel dku5, which is used only cable tx-rx-ground (Tx-Blue, Rx-Yellow, Grd-Black)
Contok Fig.The above picture using Power supply As a substitute Stone.
Open spiderman C *** K.Click Conect.
Centang- Set New port
Select Com, check dku5 installed on com how ..Star-System Control panel settings Hardware- Device manager-Select the appropriate Com Dku5 installed.
Click the Boot - to check and make sure the cable is connected properly.
Do not forget to press the Power On.

Before doing Flash / format on mobile phones, backup beforehand to keep hal2 happened after Flash, for example; after flash Matot / cell phone into a blank, can be re flah with flash file backups (read) from the phone.
Click Flash.Select File flash clincher in accordance with the type hpnya (firmware)Flashing Wait until the process is completed.
Once the process is complete Hidipkan Flash your cell phone and survived to this point means it can perform flash hand phone Unboxed China. Ngirit hefty fees throwing Service Hp to another place.

Story about Manchester United the red devils

Manchester United F.C.

The words "Manchester" and "United" surround banner featuring a ship in full sail and the devil holding a trident.Full name Manchester United Football ClubNickname The Red Devils [1]Established in 1878; 138 years ago under the name Newton Heath LYR F.C.Old Trafford Stadium(Capacity: 75.731 [2] [3] [4])The owners of Manchester United plc (NYSE: MANU)Flag of United States vice chairman Joel and Avram GlazerManager José MourinhoLeague Premiership2014-15 4th, Premier League2013-14 7th, Premier League2012-13 Champion, Premier LeagueThe website's official club website
home jersey
away jersey
costume partyThis season event.svg current soccerballManchester United Football Club is an English professional football club based in Old Trafford, Manchester Raya, who play in the Premier League. Founded as Newton Heath LYR Football Club in 1878, the club was renamed Manchester United in 1902 and moved to Old Trafford in 1910.Manchester United has won many trophies in English football, including a record 20 league titles, 12 FA Cups, [5] four League Cups and a record 20 FA Community Shield. The club has also won three European Cups, one UEFA Cup UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, one UEFA Super Cup, one Intercontinental Cup and one FIFA Club World Cup. In 1998-1999, the club won a treble of Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League, unprecedented feat for an English club.1958 Munich air disaster claimed the lives of eight players. In 1968, under the management of Matt Busby, Manchester United was the first English football club to win the European Cup. Alex Ferguson has won 28 major awards, and 38 in total, from November 1986 until May 2013, [6] [7] when he announced his retirement after 26 years at the club. [8] Fellow Scot David Moyes was appointed as his successor on May 9 2013. [9]Manchester United is the third richest football club in the world for 2011-12 in terms of revenue, with annual revenue of € 395.9 million, and the second most valuable club in 2013, valued at $ 3,165 billion. And in January 2015 and then, Manchester United has been named as the club's second richest in the world [10] This is one football team that is most widely supported in the world. [11] [12] [13] Once the shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1991, the club was purchased by Malcolm Glazer in May 2005 in a deal assess the club at almost £ 800 million. [14] in August 2012, Manchester United's initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange.HistoryEarly years (1878-1945)A graph showing the progress of Manchester United FC through the English football league system from joining as Newton Heath in 1892-93 to 2012-13The team was first formed under the name Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railwaiy F.C. in 1878 as the works team of the Lancashire and Yorkshire, the train station in Newton Heath. [15] Shirt green team - gold. They played on a small field on North Road, near Manchester Piccadilly railway station for fifteen years, before moving to Bank Street in the town of Clayton in 1893. The club had entered The Football League the previous year and began to sever its links with the train station, become an independent company, appointing a secretary of the association and pengedropan "L & YR" from their name to become Newton Heath FC alone.Shortly thereafter, in 1902, the club neared bankruptcy, with debts of more than £ 2500. Bank Street ground was closed. [16]Manchester United team at the start of the 1905-06 session, which at that time became the second winner in Division 2 and uplifted.In January 1902, with debts of £ 2,670 - equivalent to £ 250,000 in 2014 - the club was served with the order of winding, before their team disbanded, they receive investment from JH Davies [ket 1], managing director of Manchester Breweries. [17] Initially, a legend team, Harry Stafford, who is the captain of the team, showing off a St. Her Bernard [ket 2], and Davies decided to buy the dog. Stafford declined, but succeeded in influencing Davies for menannamkan capital on the team and became chairman of the team. [18] held a meeting to rename the association. Manchester Central and Manchester Celtic were among the names suggested, before Louis Rocca, a young immigrant from Italy, said "Gentlemen, why do we not use the name of Manchester United?" [19] Name and Manchester United officially came into existence on 26 April 1902 . Davies also decided to change the color of the team and elected red and white as the color of the team Manchester United.Photos of the FA Cup final in 1909, which won Manchester United (white) against Bristol City 1-0. This was their first title in this competition.Ernest Mangnall appointed as club secretary replaces James West, who resigned on September 28, 1902. Mangnall working hard to lift the team to Division One and failed at the first attempt, ranks 5 League Division Two. Mangnall decided to add some players to the club, and signed players such as Harry Moger, Dick Duckworth, and John Picken, there is also Charlie Roberts who made the biggest impact. He bought £ 750 from Grimsby Town in April 1904, and brought the team into the top three standings late in the season 1903-1904.They then promoted to Division One after finishing diurutan two Division Two 1905-06 season. Their first season in Division One ended poorly, they rank eighth standings. Before they finally won their first league title in 1908. Manchester City being investigated for hire players on regulations set FA. They were fined £ 250 and eighteen of their players punished should not be playing for them again. United were quick to take advantage of this situation, recruited Billy Meredith and Sandy Turnbull, and others. The new players should not be playing before the New year 1907, as a result of the suspension from the FA. They began playing in the 1907-08 season and United took aim for the title. A 2-1 win over Sheffield United start winning streak to ten times United. But in the end, they close the season with a 9-point advantage of their rivals, Aston Villa.The club took two years to bring the trophy more silverware, winning the First Division for the second time in the 1910-11 season. United moved into his new field Old Trafford. They played their first game at Old Trafford on February 19, 1910 against Liverpool, but lost 4-3. They did not get the trophy again in the 1911-12 season, they are not supported by Mangnall again because he moved to Manchester City after 10 years with United. After that, they played 41 years without winning a trophy.In 1922, three years after the resumption of football following the First World War, the club was relegated to the Second Division, where it remained until regaining promotion in 1925. Relegated again in 1931, Manchester United became a yo-yo club, reaching all-time lowest position of 20th place in the second Division in 1934. After the death of the club's principal benefactor, JH Davies, in October 1927, the club's finances deteriorated to the extent that Manchester United are likely to go bankrupt if not for James W. Gibson, in December 1931, investing £ 2,000 and took control of the club. [20] in the 1938-39 season, the last year of football before the Second World War, the club finished in the top 14 of the First Division. [20]Sir Matt Busby era (1945-1969)Busby Babes before playing their last game, against Red Star Belgrade.A black and white photographs of some people wear suits and coats on the steps of the plane.Busby Babes in Denmark in 1955In 1945, Matt Busby was appointed as manager of the team based at Old Trafford. He asked for something unusual in his work, such as appoint his own team, choose which players will be recruited themselves and determine the schedule of training the players themselves. She had lost her job at another club manager, Liverpool F.C., because the work that he wanted it felt to officials Liverpool is the work of a director, but the United provides the opportunity for innovative ideas. First, Busby was not a player, but an assistant manager named Jimmy Murphy. The decision pointed to Busby as manager is a very appropriate decision, Busby pay the trust board to escort United into second place in the league in 1947, 1948 and 1949 and won the FA Cup in 1948. Stan Pearson, Jack Rowley, Allenby Chilton, and Charlie Mitten had contributed great in United's achievement.Matt Busby statue.Charlie Mitten return to Colombia to seek better pay, but the ability of senior players United have not declined and the club won the First Division in 1952. Busby knew, that the soccer team not only requires experience of his players, then, he is also thought to include some players young. First of all, the young players such as Roger Byrne, Bill Foulkes, Mark Jones and Dennis Viollet, took time to show their best game, consequently United slipped to eighth in 1953, but the team won the league in 1956 with a team average age players just 22 years, scored 103 goals. Policies on young players have delivered it into one of the most successful managers deal with Manchester United (the mid-1950s, mid-late 1960s and 1990s). Busby has talented players named Duncan Edwards. The boy from Dudley, West Midlands play his debut at age 16 in 1953, said that Edwards could play at any position, and many who saw him play said that he was the best player. The following season, 1956-57, they won the league again and reached the FA Cup final, losing to Aston Villa. They became the first English team to participate in the European Champions Cup competition, at the discretion of the FA. Last season, Chelsea's FA cancels the right to appear in the Champions Trophy. United can reach the semi-finals and then denied Real Madrid. On his way to the semi-final, United also recorded a win that still showed that they are a great team, beating Belgian champions Anderlecht 10-0 at Maine Road.A plate of memories at Old Trafford as a tribute to the players who died in the tragedy of Munich.Tragedy struck the following season, when the plane carrying the team home from a European Cup match crashed on landing in Munich, Germany to refuel. Tragedy München 1958 dated February 6, 1958 claimed the lives of eight-team players - Geoff Bent, Roger Byrne, Eddie Colman, Duncan Edwards, Mark Jones, David Pegg, Tommy Taylor and Liam "Billy" Whelan - and 15 other passengers, including United staff, Walter Crickmer, Bert Whalley and Tom Curry. [21] There were 2 landings before the third fatal error occurs, the resulting instability of the best speed for their mud. United goalkeeper Harry Gregg maintaining awareness of the accident is currently under fear and the plane will explode, save Bobby Charlton and Dennis Viollet by tightening the seat belt. Seven United players menginggal world in place while Duncan Edwards died when a trip to the hospital. Right wing Johnny Berry also survived the accident, but injuries make his football career ended quickly. Doctors München say that Matt Busby did not have much hope, but he recovered miraculously and finally out of the hospital after two months of treatment in the hospital.There are rumors that the team will resign from the competition, but Jimmy Murphy taking over as manager while Busby admitted to hospital, the club continued competition. Despite losing players, they reached the FA Cup final in 1958, where they lost to Bolton Wanderers. The end of the season, UEFA offered the FA to submit both United and the league champions Wolverhampton Wanderers to participate in the European Cup as a tribute to the victims of the accident, but the FA declined. United managed to push Wolves in the league next season and finish second in the standings; not bad for a team that lost nine players due to the tragedy of Munich.Busby rebuilt the team in the early decades of the 60's, to buy players such as Denis Law and Pat Crerand. Perhaps the most famous of a number of young players this is a young man named George Best Belfast. Best has keatletikkan very rare. The team won the FA Cup in 1963, although only finish diurutan 19 Division One. The success in the FA Cup to make players be motivated and make the club lifted in the second league in 1964, and won the league in 1965 and 1967. United won the European Champions Cup in 1968, beating Eusébio's side SL Benfica 4-1 dipertandingan final, becomes Britain's first team who won the competition. United team when it has a European Footballer, namely: Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and George Best. Matt Busby resigned in 1969 and was replaced by reserve team coach, Wilf McGuinness.1969-1986A smiling man with dark hair wearing a white, green and blue tracksuit top over a blue shirt. He is holding a washbag under his right arm.Bryan Robson was the captain of Manchester United for 12 years, longer than any other player. [22]After the glorious, United experiencing difficult times when handled Wilf McGuinness, finished diurutan eight league in the 1969-70 season. Then he started the 1970-71 season with the bad, so McGuinness back down the ranks to become reserve team coach. Busby returned to coach United, although only 6 months. Under the tutelage of Busby, United gets better results, but in the end he left the club in 1971. In that time, United lost several key players such as Nobby Stiles and Pat Crerand.Celtic manager who managed to bring the Champions League to Glasgow, Jock Stein, was appointed to fill the position of manager - Stein had agreed a verbal contract with United, but decided against -. Frank O'Farrell was appointed as Busby's successor. Like McGuinness, O'Farrell did not last more than 18 months, the difference is only O'Farrell reacted to cope with the poor performances of United by bringing new faces into the club, the most obvious is the recruitment of Martin Buchan from Aberdeen for £ 125,000. Tommy Docherty became manager at the end of 1972. Docherty, or "Doc", saved United from relegation but United were relegated in 1974, which at that time the trio of Best, Law and Charlton had left the club. Denis Law moved to Manchester City in the summer of 1973. Players like Lou Macari, Stewart Houston and Brian Greenhoff recruited to replace Best, Law and Charlton, but did not return any results.The team won promotion in his first year in Division Two, with a major role Steve Coppell talented young players who played well in his first season with United, joined from Tranmere Rovers. United reached the FA Cup Final in 1976, but they were defeated Southampton. They reached the final again in 1977 and beat Liverpool 2-1. Within this success, Docherty was dismissed because it is known to have a relationship with the wife of physiotherapy.Dave Sexton replaced Docherty in the summer of 1977 and made the team play more defensive. This playing style is not favored supporters, they prefer an attacking style Docherty and Busby. Sexton bought some players like Joe Jordan, Gordon McQueen, Gary Bailey and Ray Wilkins, but can not penetrate the lift United to the top flight, only once finished out second, and only once qualified for the final of the FA Cup, Arsenal defeated. Because it is not earned, Sexton was sacked in 1981, even though he won his last seven matches.He replaced the flamboyant manager Ron Atkinson. He broke the British transfer record in the buying Bryan Robson from West Brom. Robson is said to be the best center after the death of Duncan Edwards. Tim Atkinson has new players such as Jesper Olsen, Paul McGrath and Gordon Strachan playing alongside Norman Whiteside and Mark Hughes. United won the FA Cup two times in three years, in 1983 and 1985, and favored to win the league the 1985-86 season after winning their first 10 league games, opening a gap of 10 points with his nearest rival until October 1986. Appearances United became worse and United ended season at No. 4 standings. Bad results United continued until the end of the season and with poor results is at the threshold limit of degradation, in November 1986, Atkinson was sacked.Alex Ferguson Era (1986-2013)Alex Ferguson handle the team between 1986 and 2013.Alex Ferguson came from Aberdeen to replace Atkinson and deliver the club to 11th position next season, namely the 1987-88 season, United finished the league in second, with Brian McClair became a printer 20 league goals after George Best.United had a difficult time the next two seasons. With the purchase of players considerable, Ferguson can not meet the expectations of fans. Alex Ferguson has been in danger of dismissal in early 1990, but a goal from Mark Robins took United a 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest FA Cup third dibabak. It makes Ferguson was saved and eventually United won the FA Cup, beating Crystal Palace in the final round birthday party.United won the Cup Winners' Europe in 1990-91, beating the Spanish champions that season, Barcelona in the final, but disappointing in the league next season because they lost to rivals Leeds United.The arrival of Eric Cantona in November 1992 is a crucial step United at the time. Cantona mingle together players and won the FA Cup Final Manchester United became champions made two in the league and FA Cup. Ferguson made the fans upset that sell some players Some of them directly elected to the England national team. Surprisingly, United again won the double in the 1995-96 season. This is the first time an English club won the double twice and finally they have called "Double Double". [23]They won the league in 1996-97 season and Eric Cantona declared retirement from professional football in at the age of 30. They started the 1997-98 season well, but ended the league in second place standings, under the winner of two titles, Arsenal.Manchester United's Treble trophies stored in the museum d Old Trafford.1998-99 season for Manchester United was the most successful season as they managed to become the only English team has ever won the Treble (three titles in one season) - to win the Premier League, FA Cup and UEFA Champions League in the same season. [24 ] After passing through dense Premier League, Manchester United won the league in the last match against Tottenham Hotspur 2-1, while Arsenal's 1-0 win over Aston Villa. [25] winning the Premiership was the first part of the treble United, called Ferguson is the hardest part. [25] In the FA Cup final they met Newcastle United and won 2-0 with goals from Teddy Sheringham and Paul Scholes. [26] In their last game of the season, match 1999 UEFA Champions League final they defeated Bayern Munich, the game is touted as the best comeback ever, lost until injury time and scored twice in the last minute to ensure a 2-1 victory. [24] Manchester United also won the Intercontinental Cup after beating Palmeiras 1-0 in Tokyo. [27]United won the league in 2000 and 2001, but they failed to regain the European Cup. In 2000, Manchester United became one of 14 founder members of the G-14. [28] Ferguson adopted the style of the game to survive and continue to fail in European competition and United finished the league in third in the standings. They regained the league the following season and start the season well, but their form dropped significantly when Rio Ferdinand received eight-month suspension for failing a doping test. They won the 2004 FA Cup, after beating Millwall.2004-05 season, scored United's productivity is reduced, due to the injury of striker Ruud van Nistelrooy and United finished the season won the league. This time, the FA Cup eluded them as Arsenal beat United on penalties. Off the pitch, the main story was the possibility of the club being taken over by another party and at the end of the season, Malcolm Glazer, a businessman from Tampa, has had ownership of United.Giggs was the player with the highest number of games for United.United made a poor start to the 2005-06 season, with the departure of Roy Keane, who joined Celtic after United's much-criticized public and the club failed to pass the knock-out round of the Champions League for the first time in a decade after losing to Portuguese team Benfica. This season is a bad season for United as their key players such as Gabriel Heinze, Alan Smith, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes injury. They only won one title that season, the League Cup, beating promoted Wigan Athletic 4-0. United also ensured a second in the league and qualify automatically for the Champions League after beating Charlton Athletic 4-0. The end of the 2005-06 season, one of United's key strikers, Ruud van Nistelrooy, left the club to join Real Madrid, because of his relationship with Alex Ferguson. [29]The 2006-07 season showed United's attacking style of play as the decade of the 90s, scoring 20 goals in 32 matches. In January 2007, United get Henrik Larsson on loan for two months from Helsingborgs, and the striker played an important role in advancing United to the Champions League, [30] with hopes for a second Treble; but after reaching the semi-finals, United lost to A.C. Milan 3-5 (aggregate). [31]In the 50th anniversary of Manchester United's participation in European competition, and also the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, Manchester United played Marcello Lippi's European XI at Old Trafford on March 13, 2007. United won the game 4-3. [32 ]Four years after their last title, United claimed back the Premier League title on May 6, 2007, after Chelsea drew away with Arsenal, leaving the Blues seven points behind with two games left, followed by United's 1-0 victory in the Manchester derby the previous day, United's ninth Premiership title in the 15 years of its existence. However, they can not achieve their fourth double, as Chelsea beat United 1-0 in the 2007 FA Cup final which took place at the new Wembley Stadium.On May 11, 2008, United again won the league title after beating Wigan 2-0 in the last game to ensure the title, followed by the Champions League title on May 21, 2008 was achieved by beating Chelsea 6-5 in the final on penalties after playing the series 1 -1 in normal time and extra time 2x45 minutes 2x15 minutes. With status as a champion of the Champions League, United are entitled to follow the 2008 FIFA Club World Cup and won the tournament after beating Gamba Osaka 5-3 in the semifinals and LDU Quito 1-0 in the final. United became the second European club become world champions after AC Milan in 2007. One year after the UEFA Champions League final in 2008, Manchester United went back into the finals in 2009. Manchester United then suffered defeat in the final of the UEFA Champions League 2008-09, when faced Barcelona with the score 2-0 in Rome, Italy.2009-10 season was not a good season, because just earned a League Cup, only finished second, and thrown out of the Champions League by Bayern Munich. The next season United won the top league championship title for the 19th time, passing through Liverpool with 18 league titles, after a 1-1 draw at Blackburn for the determination of the title with Chelsea. In Europe, United won the runner-up after being hit squad Pep Guardiola, Barcelona 3-1. Later that season, United lost Gary Neville, Owen Hargreaves, Paul Scholes and Edwin van der Sar. In the 2011-12 season, United got a big victory over Arsenal 8-2 at Old Trafford, but huge defeat of Manchester City 1-6 at the same venue. The game against Sunderland (1-0 United) is history for United, especially Sir Alex who has been authorized 25 years with United. North Stand officially be renamed the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand. In that season anyway United have not managed to penetrate 16 of the Champions League after being defeated Basel 1-2 in Switzerland. United also does not get into the quarter-finals of the Europa League after falling by Athletic Bilbao. In the domestic, United swept Crystal Palace 1-2 at home in the League Cup. United also swallow a 1-2 defeat at Anfield in the FA Cup.2013-presentOn May 8, 2013, Ferguson announced that he will retire as manager at the end of the season, but he will remain at the club as a director and ambassador for the club. [8] [33] The club announced the next day that the former Everton manager. David Moyes will replace Ferguson began July 1, 2013, after signing a six-year contract. [34] [35] [36]On April 22, 2014, United announced that David Moyes has left the club. [37] [38]Emblem and club colorsCoat of Manchester United from 1960 to 1973When the name was Newton Heath team, team uniforms are green-yellow. In 1902, in connection with the name change to Manchester United, the club changes the color of their uniforms to red (jerseys), white (pants), and black (socks), which became the standard uniform MU until today. Exceptions when the team competed in the 1909 FA Cup Final against Bristol City, red-collared white jerseys V-shaped design of the uniform is re-used when the 1920s when the team uniform all-red.Away jersey is usually a white T-shirt, black pants and white socks, still other colors have been used, including a blue shirt white striped used from 1903 to 1916, all black in 1994 and 2003 and a blue shirt with horizontal stripes of silver a year 2000. One of the most famous, is only used briefly, costumes away United's overall gray color used in the 1995-96 season. This costume is not used again as Manchester United lost the first leg wear this costume. In the first half, Manchester United lost 3-0 from Southhampton, they changed the uniforms they wear became their third uniform blue-white, but eventually lost 3-1. Gray uniform never again be used due to the bad results they could in the first game with a uniform gray. [39] [40] away uniform MU Other famous white socks with black sleeves and gold-black line. This uniform is the last uniform designed Umbro before MU choose a manufacturer Nike, and commemorated 100 years of change of name from Newton Heath to Manchester United f.c.United's third costume is blue, which is subject to the player while winning the Champions Cup in 1968. The exception, bright yellow costumes used in the early 1970s, blue-white striped uniforms were worn in 1996, and the red-striped white shirt and black used in 2004. United also use a third costume for practice. United adopted the color black costume overall in the 1998-99 season and a dark blue shirt with maroon suburb in 2001 to play against Southampton and PSV Eindhoven.Manchester United emblem has been replaced several times, but the changes made are not too significant. Satan is located in the center of the emblem is the root of the nickname "Red Devils" (The Red Devils), which emerged in the 1960s after Matt Busby heard it from the fans rugby team Salford. [41] In the late '60s, the symbol of Satan has began to be included in the program brochure and club scarves, until finally incorporated into the club crest by holding a trident. In 1998, the logo is again being redesigned, this time removing the words "Football Club". [42] This change is contrary to the opinion of supporters, who see that the further away from the root MU football and this change only for business purposes only.evolution costume1879-87
1896-19021902-20, 1921-22, 1927-34, 1934-60, 1971-present [PL]
1920-21, 1963-71
1960-63, 1998-present [EC]

^ This combination is used for the Premier League and domestic competitions.
^ This combination is used for European and international competition.
supportManchester United is famous as a football club of the most popular in the world, with one of the highest average attendance enclosure in Europe. [43] The club states that fan base around the world, including more than 200 branches officially recognized from the Manchester United Supporters Club (MUSC), in at least 24 countries. [44] The club takes advantage of this support through a summer tour around the world. The accounting firm and sports industry consultants Deloitte estimate that Manchester United has 75 million fans around the world, while other estimates put the figure closer to 333 million.sponsorSuppliers period Sponsor1945-1975 Umbro.svgUmbro no1975-1980 AdmiralSportswear.pngAdmiral1980-1982 Adidas Logo.svgAdidas1982-1992 Sharp Electronics1992-2000 Umbro.svgUmbro2000-2002 Vodafone2002-2006 Logo NIKE.svgNike2006-2010 AIGAon 2010-20142014-2015 Chevrolet2015-2021 Adidas Logo.svgAdidas2021-2025 will be announcedIn the first five-year deal worth £ 500,000, Sharp became the club's first costume sponsor at the beginning of the season 1982-1983, a relationship which lasted until the end of the 1999-2000 season, when Vodafone agreeing a four-year, £ 30 million deal. Vodafone agreed to pay £ 36 million to extend the deal by four years, but after two seasons triggered a break clause in order to concentrate on the sponsorship of the Champions League.To start at the beginning of the 2006-07 season, American insurance company AIG approved a four-year £ 56.5 million deal in September 2006 became the most valuable in the world.

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