Writing Tricks And Chat Status Update On Facebook With Symbol

Hallo all bloggers, this time I will post that Trick Trick Posts Update Status And Chat On Facebook With Symbols, want to know what I mean ,, if not understood the following examples:
1. ╔╦╗──╔╗──╔╗───╔══╦╗───╔╗──╔═╗╔╦╗──╔╦╗───────────╔╗

2. ╔══╗─────────────────╔═╦═╗────╔╗

3 CнєaтєяzоЬaт.вlоg $ pот.cом

Maybe that's it for example, my friend can instantly create their own, tau gk where his place?if we want to know really easy to bow your head first, Doain Palestinians to continue the conflict with Israel cepet finished and peace, Amen ...And now I love to know how,Klik Here >>>HereCongratulations to create sob and thanks to his prayer ... heheheA few tips from me, pal might want to add or share some tricks facebook buddy..


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