How Mobile Flashing CHINA With USB CABLE (Unboxed Flasher, without solder Rx Tx)

Few Tips & Tricks for The carpenters Oprek Hp yg blum has Box flasher (tool to repair damaged software) hp china., Or user hp china who want coba2 fix itself hanphonenya 'who knows the talented and bs fix it yourself' lumanyan Klo in seriusin bs for a side job. That will be in Di discuss this time is Ngeflash 'technicians hp term' hand phone china with Dku5 (kabeldata Nokia) and Spiderman c *** k.

Tools fighter who prepared are:- Surely Computer / laptop.- DKU 5 (Nokia data cable)- Software Repair Sipiderman.- Solder Dkk.
To yg blum has spiderman C *** KCan be downloaded here.
Here is an example alat2 combat.Example DKU 5

see Spidermanlangkah2nya:
- Cable plug dku5 install the driver Klau blumpunya here.
Cut kbel dku5, which is used only cable tx-rx-ground (Tx-Blue, Rx-Yellow, Grd-Black)
Contok Fig.The above picture using Power supply As a substitute Stone.
Open spiderman C *** K.Click Conect.
Centang- Set New port
Select Com, check dku5 installed on com how ..Star-System Control panel settings Hardware- Device manager-Select the appropriate Com Dku5 installed.
Click the Boot - to check and make sure the cable is connected properly.
Do not forget to press the Power On.

Before doing Flash / format on mobile phones, backup beforehand to keep hal2 happened after Flash, for example; after flash Matot / cell phone into a blank, can be re flah with flash file backups (read) from the phone.
Click Flash.Select File flash clincher in accordance with the type hpnya (firmware)Flashing Wait until the process is completed.
Once the process is complete Hidipkan Flash your cell phone and survived to this point means it can perform flash hand phone Unboxed China. Ngirit hefty fees throwing Service Hp to another place.


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