What Is spam?

Hy buddy .... ^ _ ^This time I post what is Spam?"" "_" "" At first I did not know what it was spam. Then I wondered at my friends what it was Spam but my friends did not tell what it was Spam. In fact, my friends mocked me "because I do not know that spam" She said ": fool you * _ * Although I repeatedly asked my friend remained memeritahukanya. ^ _ ^. After I muter - muter in cyberspace I finally found what is Spam.!And this was the means to spam it .. ^ _ ^

definition of SPAMSPAM or commonly referred to as junk mail, is unsolicited emails by users of computer facilities in the form of electronic mail (email), Instant Messaging, Usenet, newsgroups, blogs, etc. SPAM is unwanted by the computer user as SPAM typically contain advertisements from companies that cause inconvenience for the users of the web. Typically, SPAM will be perceived as annoying as the number of emails or otherwise sent in large numbers / great.
The adverse effects of the SPAM, among others:

Wastage of time, to remove the news that we do not want
Hard drive becomes full, full hard drive results in mail server can not receive another email.
Spent Toll Cell / Bandwidth, with terkirimnya unwanted emails in large numbers, will spend the bandwidth (that use Dial Up ISP) and disrupt other services that are more important
Viruses and Trojans, possibility of viruses or Trojans that infiltrate inside SPAM
How it Works SPAMThe spreaders SPAM mail server typically also use other people, as well as e-mail addresses are not indicate the identity of the owner in terms of e-mail addresses that indeed there but the sender is not taken. Sending e-mail using the e-mail address as above, it is possible for SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) used in the exchange of e-mails never verify the e-mail address with its IP address. That is, people are free to send an e-mail from anywhere (from any IP address) by using the e-mail address to anyone.countermeasures SPAMBasically, we can not remove SPAM, but there are some ways to cope with the influx of SPAM. Until now, no single way to eliminate SPAM, which there is reduce SPAM. How are widely used today is to automate the process of sorting between e-mail SPAM and non-SPAM by applying filter technology.As for the other things that can help reduce SPAM is:

If possible, use e-mail (other than e-mail for business) as corresponds to things outside the business, such as mailing list. Many spreaders SPAM using addresses from a mailing list to launch the action.
Enable anti-virus and personal firewall on the PC. Most SPAM at this point that contains a virus or Trojan that can disrupt the system on PCs and networks. Usually, the Trojan program was used to spread SPAM e-mail to another address listed in the address book.
Anti-relay Enable or disable relay system on the e-mail server. The way to ensure that the e-mail server we are not to be subjected to a transit e-mail SPAM. To find out if we accept relay mail server can be checked through www.abuse.net/relay
Use features in the e-mail program that can classify e-mail. E-mail programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail can group such as grouping e-mails from the internal, from the partners and so on. With this grouping, although not reduce SPAM at all, we can do a priority in reading e-mails, and e-mails that are important are not mixed up with SPAM e-mail.

Source: http://tjoep18.wordpress.com/2008/02/25/apa-itu-spam/


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