How to Solve the Problem of External HDD / Not Detected

The knowledge-seekers all this time I will be sharing knowledge about Overcoming HDD External Not Detected / Troubled after a long time did not update this post I make time to update the post because HDD external I've just broken so this article may also help create buddy Citing science to solve problems hardsik external, external hard drive error how to cope, how to resolve the problem of external hard drive, how to fix the external hard drive partition that is not detected it, fix an external hard drive missing files are not detected, how to fix the error file an external hard drive. Easy! curious?
Well, how do I fix the external hard drive in order to fix ????FIRST STEP:1. open CMD you, how to press "Windows + R", then type CMD2. after appears its CMD, the CMD type:

chkdsk / r / f g:

Change g above in accordance with an external hard drive partition is problematic.3. after that wait, usually longer, depending on the capacity and contents of an external hard drive before. Usually wait 2-5 hours.And ensure good luck, hope berhasil.behahahaAnd IF NOT SUCCEED, and its partition into the RAW format instead, it must use the software "Power Data Recovery". HOW TO APPLY IF THE FIRST NOT SUCCEED.HOW TO SECOND:1. install power data recovery / portable2. then select advance recovery3. select the hard drive is problematic4. then select the full scan5. after completion scannya, then prompts the save6. nah, please save pengin saved data to the empty space (it is up to km backups where).7. upon completion to back up, now you format the hard drive that troubled her.8. New file2 you to enter you have saved to your external hard drive that has the fix.Similarly, how to fix a broken external hard drive and not be detected. GOOD LUCK.


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