5 Ways To Whiten Yellow Teeth || As a result of Cigarettes

How to whiten teeth is actually not necessary if you are diligent in cleaning regularly every morning and evening. Brushing the teeth with the correct technique will maintain the cleanliness and health of the mouth and gums. In effect, fresher breath and cleaner teeth look whiter.


. Wearing siwak
    siwak for teeth
Siwak or miswak are branches or roots of trees that can be used for cleaning teeth, gums and mouth. This method has been carried out the Muslims since antiquity to maintain hygiene and tooth strength. All the branches or roots of trees can be used to bersiwak if eligible, namely soft.


The use of charcoal
charcoal to brush your teeth
Tips next whiten teeth is to use wood charcoal. How is quite traditional but powerful eliminates the yellow color. You should be careful in using wood charcoal, excessive use can damage tooth enamel and cause pain in the teeth.

Using orange peel
Orange peel
Use the inside of an orange peel white to brush your teeth yellow. Do it regularly every day and the teeth will be white naturally and quickly. Be careful for those of you who have sensitive teeth, vitamin C contained therein are not suitable for your teeth.

Consumption of fruit and vegetables
putihkan fruit gear
Consuming fruits and vegetables such as strawberries, apples, carrots, and celery are also useful as a natural ingredient of tooth whitening. You do not need to make a special potion, staying consumed as usual.

Traditional Toothpaste
making traditional toothpaste
Provide bay leaf and orange peel then dried both to dry. Mash until smooth then add water and stir to form a paste. Use natural toothpaste that you have created for brushing teeth, this potent herb to make teeth look whiter.

How to whiten teeth naturally you can do using a traditional way at the top. You should consider, dental and mouth on a regular basis is essential to make the teeth look white and fresher breath.
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